Livemap Data Usage

I am working in a very remote area of Africa with limited data and we are struggling to pay for the internet usage required for this. Can I get a few answers to how Livemap syncs and uses data?

Specifically, I have a map of about 250 images. With Livemap enabled this constructed a map directly on our iPad stored locally only. When returning to camp and connecting to wifi, this seemed to sync this livemap to the cloud. Further research showed this map to be about 10MB when I exported from my laptop. Subsequent viewings on the iPad seems to be pulling the livemap down from the cloud rather than the local copy, so it seems like the local copy is no longer available, can you confirm?

And if this is the case is there some setting that allows us to keep the local copy?

A secondary issue is that part of the livemap is gone after this initial sync. Areas around the exterior of the map are clipped. And after the sync, the iPad now only sees the clipped version. Again, those areas were there before the sync so possible slow internet seemed to have drooped some of the map? Any help on this as well would be appreciated.

Running latest DD app, with IOS 10.3 on 2017 iPad.

Hi @xshelton,

DroneDeploy is a fully a cloud platform, so our maps do rely on an internet connection for accessibility except for when a flight plan is saved offline for planning.. We unfortunately do not have a way to save a completed map offline but I see the use and I’ll bring it up with our product team.

As far as parts of the Live Map disappearing it would be best if you could please chat us on the DroneDeploy app or email us at so that we can look at the specifics here.

You’d need to look for another software for your purposes and situation. Livemap is dependent on the internet connection but there are a lot of projects offering offline solutions.

Diane Montalvo

Can you provide some examples? Sounds very useful