Live maps not really "live" - feedback

Hi ! I’m a french beginner in DD and using drone as an agriculture expert in order to check damage in fields. I have bought my drone because of live map and his offline mapping capacity. But, told me if i’m wrong, we need to upload flight data to work on this quick map. So i’m using 4G to upload my data to DD…
2 questions :
How big are the data I’m sending to DD from a live map. It’s pretty fast for a small flight with less than 100 pics ( 5 minutes ), but with bigger flight (400 and more pics) I have to go back home to use my wifi…

Can we have a tool to now how big are the data are and a progress bar ?

Can’t we just use annotations and measurement tools offline ?

Mavic pro with iPad Air 2 or iphone 6S last ios version, DJI Go 4 last version, DD last version

Hi @Vncntlrx,

Apologies if I am misunderstanding your question, but Live Map does not require you to upload any images or be connected to WiFi or internet. Live Map is a low resolution 2D map that is created from the live video feed. I suggest taking a look at our Live Map support doc for more information on this feature.

As for your second question about how big your map will be, I think you’ll find our Flight Plan Data & Processing Estimates app helpful. It will give you an estimate of how many photos and SD storage for the mission you’re planning.

As for using tools such as annotations and measurements offline, this will not be possible.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile: