Live map processing after battery swap

every time I fly a larger mission and I have to swap the battery, once I hit resume anything before my bat swap disapears, and within a few min Drone Deploy closes and once I get it back open and re link there is nothing after the battery swap in live maps and this is what I end up with

Can’t get to your link. Can you just post a screenshot?

I haven’t seen this issue, but I use to have the problem of where the two sessions would not line up with each other. Not so bad now and the resolution seems to have increased…


Yikes. It doesn’t look like it was stitching properly to begin with. I would suggest emailing support with the name and identifier of the map. The identifier can be found by clicking on the “I” icon to the right of the map name. It might also be helpful to retrieve the DroneDeploy logs from your device.