Listing of maps submitted for processing

Is there a way that I can access a list of plans submitted for processing? When bulk loading maps over a period, I cannot see if the map has been accepted, and often they just disappear from the processing chain. While I keep a manual list of maps submitted, I cannot see if they are in fact in the system. Have often re-submitted maps (paid processing of GCPs) and then maps that have been missing for 48 hours turn up. Costs a fortune in fees with no come back from DD. There must be a easy way within the dashboard to keep track of individual maps being processed. Also have the problem of processed maps disappearing from the dash board after completion. Very frustrating when on a tight timeline and this sort of time wasting is not necessary.

You should be able to see in process in the upload tab, but there isn’t a way to see everything at once unless you have an Enterprise account.