List View of Maps Within Projects

It’d be extremely helpful to have a list view of the maps we’ve flown instead of just the calendar view.

We have a high rise construction project where we’re flying before every concrete pour (50+ floors, multiple pours per floor). There are people not involved in the day-to-day operations of the project that don’t necessarily know when a particular pour was, and it’s extremely difficult for them to try to find which day they need to jump to on the calendar. When there are multiple maps flown on the same day - the names of the maps at least show up next to the date; but when there is only 1 flight on a given day they then need to go into the Map Details to see what was flown. If there were a list somewhere - either as an option instead of the calendar, or as a standalone list - that showed all of the map names with the dates flown, it’d be extremely useful.


I agree there needs to be some more options to the view. We’re usually looking for the latest project but each of our Project Managers have there own folder so you can’t see the actual project without going in. You can also try the search bar or going back to the settings menu and and select map. You still have to navigate the map to the location you want.

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This needs more traction. I have been feeling like the explore mode has had the most room for improvement for a while now.