Links to External Resources

We need some kind of mechanism to be able to put links in the system to access data from other systems. For instance if I wanted to reference the document regarding an issue I should be able to click on a custom hyperlink to navigate to a cloud project management solution. I don’t need a direct connection or any kind of automated uploads. Just a simple link to another site. I think this is going to become particularly important in the Floor Plan view but for now just needs to happen on the map.

@MichaelL Have you tried adding a link to the summary in an issue?

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I have but it would not act as a hyperlink. Just text. I used to put links in the comments section for the different media and while they would not activate it did after some testing.

This is great - I’ve been looking to add link annotations or iframes for a while - could be to documentation, external media (e.g. youtube) or to a fixed site camera.

Would you like the links to be long lived (i.e. for the life of the project) or just for a single date?

And would the links be related to an object on the floorplan or site? or to the entire map/floor.

For us the majority of them would be the life of the project. A project security camera or even a direct connection to Spot :wink: would be a great idea but the majority of our use would having the ability to quickly pull up a plan sheet or or other document like a change order or RFI from either Plangrid or our SharePoint site.