Link to original photo from orthomosaic?


OK, let me explain. I flew an area at fairly low altitude, and generated a (beautiful) orthomosaic. The only problem is, the “stitching” process makes it so that the final product has lower resolution than the individual photos that were used to create it. That intuitively makes sense to me, but what I would love is some way that I could, say, look at the larger image, identify an object of interest (in my case, individual cacti), and then (easily) see one of the original photos of that spot, so I could get data off of that one plant.

Is this possible?


What plan are you on?


I am back on the free account, as I only activate (and pay) when I am in my field research season (summer).


you should be able to drop a pin on the location of interest and it will pull up the photos in that area on the left side. You can then click on them and download the full resolution. Eventually you will want to move to a paid plan because they are going to stop processing the free plan and only offer the flight app.


yeah, I need to somehow find the money to keep my account active all year long.

I tried dropping a pin (I assume you mean clicking on the “location” marker under “tools”, but that does not seem to do anything other than place a marker there that I can annotate. I am certain this is just me being dense, but is there another way to drop a pin?


So you do not see thumbnails on the left side about halfway down?


I do, but they are ALL of the thumbnails, and they start with photo 1 and I have to page through them all until I find one that looks like it may be the spot I am looking for.


When you drop the location pin it should minimize them to what is around that point. Once you click on it and it brings up the image you can download the full resolution at the top right.