Link/email to share data is missing

I have DD Pro Plan. My projects yesterday finished processing but when I tried to share either through email or a link, the form field is empty. I can send an email, but it sends link to plant health map instead of the orthomosaic shown in the viewing window. I can copy/paste the “invisible” text in the link formfield, but again, the link displays the plant health image instead of the orthomosaic displayed.

Hi @sharrol,

Could you please write to with the session id or name of your map so we can investigate closer? Thanks.


It appears DD has removed the URL link that you could copy and pass to clients to view maps in a browser. Share requires a client to either sign up for a trial version or have a license.

How are you sharing maps with clients without this link?

Why would DD remove this valuable feature?

Is it this one?


Apparently that is how they replaced it. The selection used to be in the menu pane as a “copy link”. Isn’t obvious that if you click on “view only” that it copies the link so you can paste into an email.

I don’t want to use DD’s email to send out the link. If you do that they get copies of your contacts.

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Yeah, I am not in favor of the system sending any emails or notifications and have been asking for the ability to turn everything off so we can send a formal notification once EVERYTHING is complete. Not - here’s your map, here’s you download and here’s another and hey how about a pano, would you like to see a video, how about a progress report? Seems a little like spam and not very professional to me.

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LOL, I literally have a pre-process folder that is not linked to my clients accounts because this situation was becoming an issue and I was getting way too many phone calls! @Lindsey_Huffman @Kaitlin maybe you could pass this along?

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I requested this about 2 years ago…