Linear Mapping Beta and Inspire 2 X5S

Summary of Issue:
When using the beta Linear Mapping plug-in, I am unable to turn off “Automatic Camera Settings” and still run the linear map. I need to turn off auto camera settings in order to get a correct exposure on the photos. I do this for both inspire 2 and phantom 4 when running non-linear maps. When I turn off Automatic Camera Settings when setting up a linear mission, the flight paths go back to a standard mapping grid, instead of the linear lines.

Date Issue Began:
Just started using linear mapping this week

Drone Model:
Inspire 2 (x5s) and Phantom 4

Mobile Device Model and OS version:
iOS 11.0.2

Hi @bkravets,

I highly encourage you to reach out to the support or develop team at Linear Mapping [Beta] for assistance with your issue. You should be able to do this on their page via the App Market in the DroneDeploy app.


Thanks, Any idea how I might reach out to them? I don’t see any contact info, just the download page for the plug in.

In the App Market, once you search for the Linear Mapping (Beta) app and select it, you should see 3 tabs: Overview, Review, and Support. Tap on the Support tab to state your issue and send a message over to the developers.

Hope this helps!

Is it true that linear mapping now requires a $3,000/yr subscription? This seems a bit extreme. I’ve been using the linear mapping app feature for 10 months and is an important part of my workflow. I realize it was beta, but to make it a part of a $3000/yr subscription as the only way to use it is frustrating.

Hi @bkravets,

Thank you for reaching out on the forums. At this time, Linear Mapping is only available to our Enterprise and Business tiers, with the Business tier available for $399 per month, or $3,000 per year. Luckily, within the year, it will be available to paid customers of all tiers. Hopefully, it is economical for you to be able to access Linear Mapping via a monthly Business subscription.