Linear Fligth Plan?

Hello, Linear Flight Plan mode is no longer available and for road curves it is essential for better mapping. What function or app can I use?


Welcome! There is a new corridor flight plan that has taken the place of the plugin.

What’s this new plugin?

What you are using “Linear” is the old plugin and the new “Corridor” is native in DroneDeploy.

ok, so the plugin being native should be tracing the linear flight in the curves on roads and this is not happening. Can you please tell me how to solve this type of layout? Does it only work in paid version of the app?

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No, the new one is part of Drone deploy instead of a separate plug-in that somebody had created. Basically you just set up the centerline and your altitude Then adjust the corridor width to get the number of lanes that you want. Unfortunately we still can’t do odd numbers. I usually run just two lanes down and back unless I really need to get ditches and pass the property lines.