Linear Flight Planning app feedback

Hi there,

in general, I really like the idea of the linear flight planning app for corridor mapping. However, what would make it much better and more intuitive to use in our case:

1.) why limit the app to 5 paths on each side? For planning large motorways we need to create the original lay of the land to each side and often need a larger buffer than just 5 paths when flying at lower altitudes.
2.) why is it not possible to just trace alongside a road and than create the buffer around it? Why just limit us to a standard polygon? It’s a bit clunky to make it work this way.

Thanks, great app!

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Hi @geoeki,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum to share your thoughts. Our team is currently working on making improvements with this app to create a better experience for our users. Stay tuned for updates!