Linear Flight Plan not found

I’m trying to use the linear flight plan app, to map highways, but I can’t find it in DD’s app store.
Does anyone know any app that does the same function or how to do this type of mapping?

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See the latest announcement. Beta testing is going very well so it shouldn’t be long. Have you tried Litchi? It is a little more manual because you set the individual waypoints. It is solid though, has a web interface and can do terrain following. What kind of device do you have?

I use an iphone 11 PRO MAX, on a DJI Mavic 2 PRO.
I’ve never used Litchi, I believe it’s a paid tool for the iphone.
I will look forward to getting the tool back up and running. :heart_eyes:


Reason I ask about the device is you might check out Map Pilot Pro in the meantime but it only supports iOS. Litchi is a paid app but it’s only $25 for life and it goes both ways.

In your opinion which is better map pilot pro or litchi?

Map Pilot Pro for mapping and Litchi for complicated waypoint missions. Probably more appropriate for videos and progress photos. It also has pano’s but so does DD. One thing that DD doesn’t have is progress photos with multiple Points Of Interest. They really need to make that happen.

I will continue to use DD for my mappings, I am interested in some way to replace the linear flight plan while it is not available in DD.


Understood but if you need corridor (linear) flight in the meantime you know where to look.