Linear Flight Plan drone camera settings


Im using Linear Flight Plan App with mavic 2 pro, on Samsung Android.

I have a problem - i set camera settings manually in DJI GO eg. Manual
and Auto focus ,then in DD i set in Advanced tab

Set Exposure Manually in DJI Go - ON
Set Focus Manually in DJI Go - ON

but DD reset DJI camera setting to AUTO after starting mission.

Please help me to undeerstan how i can set manual camera settings for
Linear Flight Plan mode.

Many thanks!

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@Andrew_Fraser, any ideas?

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With several of the app store apps that modify flight planing not all features are available - sorry about that. We do plan on bringing linear / corridor flight planning into the main planning interface over the next few quarters which will bring full support.

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Thank you very much for your answer. We look forward to new and good changes in Drone Deploy! Good luck to you!

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@advanceduser can you just tell me, wich advances you have with this linear flight plan app?
What does it do different to DD and what do you use this for?
Best regards

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Linear Flight is often referred to as Corridor Flight in other apps. It is a very efficient way to capture roadways, pipeline and things such as trails and waterways. It does need one big enhancement that will allow us to define the start and stop points as it is pretty inefficient to occupy the middle of the project and have to fly all the way to one end and back from another wasting vital battery and causing shorter capture time.

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Ok and learned something! Cheers :slight_smile: