Lightroom importing DD Tif "this file appears to be unsupported or damaged"


When attempting to import (into Lightroom) the TIF files exported by DD, I get “this file appears to be unsupported or damaged”. It was suggested to me that lowering the resolution might work around the problem. In my case, “best resolution” is the whole point of looking at a TIF file.

Am I misunderstanding something?


Hi @oneeyedhobo,

Certain programs and software aren’t able to handle large files, so we recommend lowering the resolution to import your files.



On a large map it still may be a memory issue.
You can export a smaller area (thus not pushing the memory limit) by cropping the map as described here.
Crop it down and then back up after you export the area of interest.


I should have been more clear. Lightroom will not import even one of the TIFF files.


Hi @oneeyedhobo,

Is this issue only with Lightroom or are you experiencing it with other software and platforms as well? If the issue is isolated to Lightroom, I suggest reaching out to their support team for assistance.