Light Pollution Night Mapping

Hello. I am working on a large scale mapping project that involves mapping at night. The goal of the project is to create a light pollution map of a city and surrounding neighborhoods.

Please share any and all thaughts or experiences on using Dronedeploy for this application. Thank you. Mike Lincoln

I can’t wait to hear this! Sounds like something way too big for the drones that most of us are using. I have a few ideas, but I have no idea what I am talking about. Are you basically trying to identify areas of too much man-made light? Direct and indirect?

Better make sure you have FAA approval to fly the drone at night.
Sounds like this might be better suited to an airplane flying at a higher altitude than a drone.

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We recommend flying with ample amount of light (due to safety reasons) but you are more than welcome to experiment with the software in a safe and compliant way.