Lift off and nothing else


I got a problem with the Beta 1.17 and my P3 Advandce.

I can plan a mission, tap the plane-button, everything turns the green. The drone lifts off, turns itself into the direction of the first waypoint and just hovers in about 1m height, not starting to fly its mission

I´m kinda out of ideas over here, can somebody help me out?

Greetings from a young german farmer :slight_smile:

E: My mistake, after reading in the troubleshooting section for p3 it´s common problem…

Try mapping a smaller area and it might help.

We are working on this and DJI is also working on it.

I´ll give it a try when the wind slows down, altough the test area was just about 6 acre…

Also, check the number of waypoints and try to keep this low and turn off high overlap if you have that turned on. (I’ve also had issues with mission height on that version and had to boost the mission height a few feet.). You could always try doing a small, single leg mission just to confirm everything works and then expand the mission area until you get the coverage you need.

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