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Hi All, it would be great to be able to plot a grid of levels within the online app and (even better!) to be able to plot this on an output PDF. Basically the ideal would be grid lines overlaid onto a map, either with the levels displayed at each point or lettered/numbered with a corresponding table showing the levels. Thoughts/comments would be appreciated.


P.S. Maybe QGIS?

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I have not been able to get the contours to work, but I would really like the feature you are mentioning to look out we manage surface water better in refugee camps

I know this was a long time ago, might still be of use though. You can do this in a software programme called Virtual Surveyor. Various exports available including contours, but the pic here is exactly what I was trying to achieve.

@Peregrine Nice solutions.

You can also use QGIS to import the orthomosaic and contours (on coordinates) then print very high quality from there. You can do it in either WGS84 or your EPSG then do measurements and locate coordinates if you like.

I’ve been scratching my head at this one too. I used virtual surveyor and used their “Q Points” Only problem is there is no way to export that picture of map with q points unless it was a poor screen shot.

Do you have any type of CAD? If you are doing this for your business I would suggest the investment. I would also recommend Carlson Software as the best place to start for civil work. Civil 3D is way to much for most contractors as it is an engineering platform and Carlson was built by surveyors initially for field use… and it can be much less expensive depending on the version you get. Carlson Survey is probably the least expensive that will give you the ability to create surfaces and points. Just give them a call and explain what you would like to do. Or I can have my rep get in touch with you if you are interested.


Currently I don’t have any type of CAD. I’ve looked into a few but haven;t pulled the trigger yet. I haven’t done any kind of CAD before so they seem over my head but I’ll just have to dive in a start learning at some point. I emailed them and explained what I was after so hopefully they can help. Thanks again Mike you’re miles ahead of me in this!

Been doing CAD for 20 and machine control for 12 so I’ve had allot of practice, lol. Make sure to check out the videos on their website or the YouTube channel. Good luck!

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I got set up with a 30 day Demo of Carlson’s P3D. Whats the best way to inport the data? Point Cloud from Drone Deploy? If so what file types or formats work best? Does Carlson have a tool to make the map from the drone images too?

You can use either of the point cloud formats. It use to be that you had to use the XYZ because the LAS only came out in WGS84 and the coordinates were backwards from what Carlson used, but now both can be exported to your local state plane projection. I have always used the XYZ because that’s what worked, but am now using the LAS because I have read that it may be better, but I don’t know that for sure. I do see that the LAS files are larger, but I don’t know if is because they contain more information or because the XYZ compression is better. That might be another topic to start…

Wisconsin has three projections depending upon where the jobs are at. Spring Valley is in central EPSG 2288, but there is also north 2287 and south 2289.


Beyond that you can download the orthomosaic in the same projection and drape it over the point cloud. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

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Sounds good sir thanks! I downloaded a bunch of the formats and I’ll see what works best for me. You’re the best!