Leather case is good or not?

I am going to buy a new case for my ipad mini. i saw leather case is nice . but i don’t think is good to protect my ipad, because i always break it down. i also found this https://www.amazon.fr/Btik-Housse-Néoprène-Universelle-Tablette/dp/B01H1H2UNY?ie=UTF8&redirect=true maybe this is more practical. what do u gays think? aaaaa,i have no idea !

My daughter has one similar to the one on Amazon and she likes it. I prefer the fold over kind myself then I can put it on my controller without having to take it out of its shell when I do flight - plus the sun doesn’t heat up my mini i-pad as fast. I have had the mini complely shut down when it got to hot and had to use my i-phone as a back up. Although I often use my hood and I never have a heat related shut down then.

For field use, we use these cases. They hold up well.


oh really?! thank you :grin:

Yeah, I think it looks good. Do they also have cases for other iPad models? I am using the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

Yes, Otterbox has a Defender Series for the Pro 12.9.

On another note, be careful using a case in the heat. It will crash and could potentially fry the tablet. iPad Mini’s before the 4 were notorious for overheating.

I use an Otterbox Defender with my Pro and have not had any problems yet, although haven’t had it long. Used it earlier in the week for a couple of hours in 30C direct sunlight and a hood. If it fries Apple can replace it.