Layering Overlays


When adding more than one overlay it would be much better if the current (or first) overlay that was established remained on screen so that plans and other exhibits that may not have the same markers can be more precisely added.


Hey @MichaelL!

Hope you are doing well. My understanding is that you would like to be able to view the prior overlay at the same time you are importing a current one, correct? This would allow you to place it easier the first time around, instead of having to do so in the user interface once it is already placed? Just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly. :slight_smile:


I think so. If there is an existing overlay of the project and at some point want to add a supplemental overlay that may not have the references necessary to align with the raw land then it would be nice to have the existing overlay visible to gain those points of reference.


**I’m trying to get MC in front of the table. How would I do this? Is there a command to change the overlay’s layer? I tried to find one but I couldn’t.


Sorry, not quite understanding what you mean here, but normally the last layer that is turned on is the top and most visible. It’s not possible to change the layer’s name. You have to change the file name before you bring it in.

Does this answer your questions?