Latest update resulting in low speed flight with Inspire 1 Pro

I found the latest update to the app to be far more stable. Well done drone deploy. I did have a problem with low speed with my Inspire 1 Pro. I tried two different altitudes (350 and 400 feet if I remember correctly) and varied the front lap between 80-85. In each case the drone flew at 9mph. Hopefully you can crank the speed back up a little. Otherwise well done with the update!

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Thanks for the feedback @brianpgreen. We’re working hard over here to make sure our users are having a positive experience.

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We’ve found the issue with low speed on the Inspire 1 (also affects the Phantom 3 Pro).

Looking to get that out in a hotfix. Thanks!

EDIT - the hotfix is in review with the app store - could be up to 3 days before release.


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Awesome. Maybe I was wrong about Facebook being more effective. I appreciate you letting us know you’ve found the issue and what’s happening to address it. Very encouraging.

We’re here to help our users, @brianpgreen. You’ll find that we have a pretty dedicated team. :slight_smile:

Has anyone else noticed blurry mission pictures recently with the latest updates and firmware? Ived tired using a K1 shield and S8+ phone and two different remotes.