Latest app - maps won't cache for offline mapping


OK, I see that now. You have to first click “PLAN” and then “SEARCH”. My confusion on that one, thanks.


We could be more clear about it, I’ll make a note about that.


I had a DD support email a couple of months back saying categorically that offline map caching was not working yet and they were looking into it. Clearly this doesn’t tally with what is being said by DD staff on here and a lot of people flying offline cannot see cached maps - can tech support give us an update on this issue please ?


Several months back it may not have been working if I remember correctly. It has been working for a while now on the app the way I explained above. There are some changes coming to make it even clearer now.


I’ve used it more recently though (Ipad Mini 4 latest iOS 10, latest versions of DD and DJI Go, latest Phantom 4 firmware) and followed all of the instructions religiously and cached maps still do not show up offline (yes, caching is on in DJI Go app).


It just doesn’t work, period. I use DataMapper from Pixhawk and it works every single time. It simply grabs the image data behind the flight plan I created and makes sure that’s available without an internet connection when I’m out in the field. I wish I understood why this is so complex.


I’m having this problem as well (Android), but see that it’s not a recent topic. Is there a fix for this? I’m a new user.


Any updates on this? If you are still experiencing this problem please reply with the following.

Date of Last Occurrence
Drone Model
DJI Firmware Version
Mobile Device Model
Mobile Device OS Version

If we expect DroneDeploy to fix anything we need to give them the right information to find the cause. I haven’t experienced this myself with either of my setups, but would like to understand what could cause this to happen so that it doesn’t happen to me at the worst possible moment.