Lastest version not take photos with phantom 3 adv

i try two misions and 0 photos

I see many messages with this problem,
i dont now how in soft 999$ year not fix this big problem.

I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 with android 6.0.1,.
other big problem is i need uninstall Dji Go to works Dronedeploy,

Please fix this two basic problems.

Hi Cocute, so sorry for this inconvenience. There are a few known issues with the software - the team is aware of it and working through them. Can I ask if you’re using Android or iOS? Also, did you format the SD card? Again, apologies for the inconvenience.

There seems to be a problem with DJI’s SDK and the users with the Xiaomi tablet. They aren’t able to have them both installed. DJI has been working on improving android connection issues for a long time but at the moment those tablets are not recommended.

The problem is that Dronedeploy not show this USB window:
if not show this window not works any app with drone.
I think not SDK DJI problem,
The app Altizure use SDK DJI and show and detects correct the drone in xiaomi with Android 6.0.1,
(at same time djigo is installed and functional)
Is possible you analize how to Altizure manages to do this?