LAS Point Cloud Classification

Hi everybody,

Any advice on classification of LiDAR points?
Autocad C3D? LAS tools? MCC Lidar? GlobalMapper? other?

I wish to process the point cloud data and generate models and surfaces, only the point cloud is unclassified and am getting poor results due to surface vegetation. So far, I have tried using GlobalMapper’s LiDAR module, but the results were an uneven jagged surface meaning that only some of the vegetation was classified correctly. This is probably due to my lack of experience in setting the controls properly.

I invite an open dialogue at to how UAV mappers classify their .LAS data after drone survey and export, with particular interest in:
-programs used
-ease of use

Below is an image I found online which shows varying results of generated surface models based on classification. For volume estimates, proper surface model is imperative!



Hi Marshall,

I only have Global Mapper at this point and have used the Path Profile function to clean out unwanted vegetation. It works pretty well but is timeconsuming. I downloaded a demo of Virtual Surveyor, which looks like it will work out well (I am a surveyor) I just need to get a dataset that will work with it to give it a proper evaluation.
I have not had very much luck with Global Mapper’s automatic classification routines. It seems finding the right parameters to enter into the routine is critical, and varies with the type of terrain you are mapping. I use them to get a start on the classification but end up doing most of it manually myself. My goal is always to get to bare ground surface, which can be a challenge when the leaves are out. I have had great results on a roadway project last winter before leaf-out though.
I see you posted last February, - I’d be interested to hear of your experience so far!