Large structure info

I’ve been asked to map a very large raceway for NASCAR. It’s 142 acres. What would be the best height and settings for getting a good map for a structure of this size?

Is it an existing track or land for a track? What are the elevation control requirements? GCP’s?

Existing track. Not sure about the elevation control requirements and no GCP’s. They just want to see the track in 3D as well as some pics and video.

Imagining that they’ve got some pretty big structures such as grandstands and sky boxes you might want to think about the terrain and track separately from the structures. If it’s possible capture the terrain without the structure and then do a higher nadir flight over the structures with a little bit of the surrounding terrain in order to keep your sampling distance the same between the terrain and the top of the structures. Then you can run some oblique missions on the structures themselves. I would try to stick around 200ft AGL and TOS for the nadirs and as close as is efficient on the structures. You could get super close to make the structure look as good as possible, but it’s going to take a ton of batteries to get good enough overlaps. You might chat with @Andrew_Fraser about some additional structure options.

Last thing that I would share for the track in particular is that I have seen poor results on paving with oblique images so I would try to stay away from that because obviously a lot of their focus is going to be on the track itself and who knows what they’re going to want to do with the data afterwards.

Thanks for the info! I’m use to just shooting large commercial warehouses/construction sites. So are you saying to do just the inside first? Say from the bottom of the stands inward at nadir, then another flight over all the grandstands and buildings then another flight shooting obliques? I’ll be using a M2P.

I think that would be your best bet. If I were doing Texas Motor Speedway…

Track and Infield with Nadir at 200ft

Main Grandstand (130ft) with Enhanced 3D Crosshatch at 330ft. Playing with the rotation to keep it from jumping across the odd shape.

2nd Grandstand (70ft) with E3D Crosshatch at 270ft.

There is still a hotel structure at the southeast corner that I would probably shoot manually unless @Andrew_Fraser has the other way available. :wink: Also, the pit buildings in the infield might need a few quick obliques to pretty up.

Thanks for the detailed breakdown!! The one I will be doing is Atl Motor Speedway! There is a large building on one end of the main grandstands (condos, turn 4 I believe) that I will have to account for as well. Also a small airport behind the Speedway, but there are no flight restrictions showing up there. I was asked today if I would be interested in doing a map and some shots of it as also. They are getting ready to do some new construction (hangers and offices) at the airport.

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Excellent, it will be an awesome project to see! Break a prop!