Large map problems

I am facing a problem with my new map. I was making a big map and separated mission in 4 pieces. All photos was taken correctly, but when im processing my map im loosing some areas. Here is the examples: and This maps should look like a square and what i get it this. Any suggestions?

Please send some more information.

Did you take your pictures with enough overlap?
Are you sure they are aligning correctly?
Are you using GCPs or relying only on the drone’s GPS?
Do you have large water bodies in the areas that are not appearing?

These could be the problem of your controller was not having enough signal from your drone and lead to missing photo triggering?

I believe all photo capture is triggered by DD via your controller. So good 4 bar constant connection is what I always try to achieve.

In the missing areas, were their perhaps higher stands of trees or other elevation differences?

We have done quite a bit of experimentation and DD often has difficulty stitching areas where there was not adequate altitude over the highest points in the image, i.e., tall stands of trees etc. In our experience, you need at least 120’ over the highest areas, and we would recommend 150’ - 180’. If DD can’t stitch the area, it simply leaves it out, rather than producing an incorrect image.