Large map, photos are evenly ditributed before battery change and unevenly distributed afterwards

Well like the topic says. I have a 20 hectare map for a Phantom 4 Advanced. I’m flying it at 60 with 80% overlap as an experiment. When I upload the images and it gives you the image with a blue dot from every image they are extremely even up until the point when I change the battery (or thereabouts) and then they seem to be uneven.

My process is after it has landed I let the dialogue about showing you an image and then the picture with SD card complete. Then I switch off the drone, replace the battery, start the drone up and then continue with the flight. I don’t shut down the iPad (5th Gen iPad, running latest Dronedeploy and iOS). I’m not sure if this adversely affects the results but it looks like a glitch.

Hi @lionmonkey,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve escalated the issue to my team for investigation. Please sit tight as we take a look into this.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

Just to clarify that the end result, the map was fine. I just wonder if it would have been ‘finer’ with evenly spaced imagery?

Thanks for the update. My team was unable to find anything out of the ordinary in your flight logs.

If it becomes a persistent issue, please let us know immediately


Thanks Christina, Do you mean “don’t worry that pattern of photo locations is normal” or do you mean “that pattern is not normal but we can’t explain why from your logs, which look normal”.



Hi Graham,

We were unable to find anything out of the ordinary based on your logs that would indicate an error or issue. Though, this pattern is not normal and we were unable to reproduce the issue. If it happens again, please let us know immediately and we’ll take a deeper dive into it, especially if it starts affecting the quality of your map(s).

Hope this clears it up. :slight_smile:


gotcha will do oh i need more characters