Large Display for DD That Can Also Function As a Laptop? Chromebook?

If I want a large display device that will run DroneDeploy (like 10" or greater screen), is my only option to get an Android Tablet (or iPad) with a bluetooth keyboard, or can the new Chromebook laptops (2-in-1 that convert into a tablet) that run Android Apps work with DD? (I’m guessing there are very very few people, if any, have tried to use it with a new 2-in-1 Chromebook as the ability to run Android apps is a relatively new feature, so there’s going to be a lot of guessing I imagine, but can’t hurt to ask.)


The functions and interface through the app are very different than the laptop version. What functions are you looking to use on the large display? A large display running the App will still only give you the functions of the App. I doubt that an emulator would work with the connection to the drone. I have the NVIDEA SHIELD 8 inch tablet which has full HD out to my full HD goggles in mirror mode so I can use both.
You could run DD app and also the web interface of DD on a large tablet with a keyboard but only the app would interface with the drone.

I have a spare full size tablet. Sometimes I have an assistant with me that sometimes helps me spot things and would be helpful if my assistant could hold the full size tablet while I’m flying to see the camera view without having to look over my shoulder.

That is why the NVIDEA Shield tablet with the HDMI our is perfect, second display with no lag.

If one wanted to use the tablet as a second display device wouldn’t the HDMI port need to be HDMI IN not OUT? Maybe you misunderstood the original question. I want the pilot to use one tablet to pilot the drone, and an assistant to use a second tablet as a second display device to see the camera view. I know there are screen sharing apps but they require wifi (which is doable I think via tethering) but I imagine there would be considerable lag?

Yes, the lag is a serious problem which I tried to find a way around. DJI makes a HDMI unit that attaches to the bottom of the controller which has added HDMI out right from the controller BUT it does not transmit some of the screen data to the second display and likely will not work with third part apps.
The NVIDEA shield 8 tablet has HDMI out for exact screen duplicating without lag. So you need a secondary monitor with HDMI in. For that I use Eachine Goggles One. You can also get a Filed Monitor which has HDMI in for video makers.

I went to Goodwill and bought a portable DVD player, took it apart and wired the video input straight from my FPV tansceiver and voila a 1080p 14" ground station screen that happened to have a built in DVR that can record to a usb stick and an SD card
… Best part it set me back $14.99…
Almost forgot since the ribbon connector on the LCD was open I added a rasperry pi zero w running ubuntu mate, 2 LNA’s to boost wifi and telemetry/flight control
(Not quite a laptop or Chromecast) Realistically however more flexible than both together. Made a powerful FPV and telemetry groundstation for my drone photography biz