Large area steps/plan

I couldn’t find the tutorials about mapping big areas.
I’m using Inspire 1 and 2 batteries.
Planning one field with the raps for spraying,
I took 100 ft. /70% front/70%side.

I’ve got such a map

How usually are you flying with such a big duration?

Or just a making a few flights? but how can I put pieces of the field together? and make one field?

Make your first map then fly the next area, when you go back to the dronedeploy dashboard, hit the small triangle next to the “map” button and “add” the new images. These will be added to the existing map.

Hope I have explained this correctly.


Mark Guille

When in the field you can also continue a mission that you previously were flying. You just need to select which plan you were previously flying and it should ask you if you want to continue.

I shall now endeavor to eat my words. Have just tried this and failed. I ended up with only a square area in the middle of the expected map.

Any ideas?

Mark Guille

Thanx. chasemgray, try this as soon as coming good weather conditions.

@markaguille can you explain a bit more of what you did and what happened? If you have a link to a map id that would be helpful.



Hi Chase,

I added some images to an existing map and the two areas seem to have stitched together very nicely but I only have a large square from the middle of the both maps, the rest is missing.

The map is called Golfcourse01 in my dashboard.

Thanks Chase


Basically, in these pictures, A + B (should) = C but ended up as D

We have a support engineer looking at this now. Not sure what happened.

All working now Chase, thank the engineers for me. Great team!

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Is there a way to tell my UAV where to start the map? I’m also mapping a 80 acre golf course, I will try to make 4 separate maps, then upload all pictures into one project, there will however be alot of overlap on all the edges, will this hurt?

Second question, when I make one big map with the app. my UAV takes off and flies to the furthest spot away and works its way back. Unfortunately this takes my uav out of line of site, so not good. I need it to start above me, cover 10-15 acres while within VLOS, then I need to move my location to keep an eye on the UAV. Basically I need the UAV to start at the front of my map, not the back, is there a setting for this?
thank you

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I think from markaguille post the best way seems to brake the course up into 4 smaller maps and then upload the data to just one map? That way you can always keep the UAV in VLOS, which is also a requirement for me in the UK.

What is the best altitude and overlap to fly a golf course, because I need to keep the detail? The course I am mapping has a lot of trees.

I guess mid day is also the best time to do it so there are less shadows to distort the map?

Yes, that is working to make the smaller maps. I had to plan it on paper first to also make sure my maps overlaid enough with each other, so i captured the full 175 acres.

In regards to height, the golf course I’m mapping also has elevation differences and trees. It is a challenge because i wanted all my maps to be similiar in height however my elevation at the launch points is always different. For the most part, i considered my map area and set my UAV height to be 20-30 meters above trees and elevation changes.