Large area of map missing

I have a big issue with part of a map i’ve uploaded not being processed correctly, or at all.

On the first upload attempt, a section of the map on the West (which showed in live view no problem) looks to have been skipped and just not processed - The rest of the map is fine.
On a second upload attempt, (same set of images), the West area which was previously blank was shown as completely flat, with random holes in it - the rest of the map is fine.
The third attempt was the same as the first, no image, just blank - as above, the rest of the map was fine.

This West area of the map is separated from the East side by a large amount of water, the water was flown over and a small amount mapped for the sake of keeping it in one flight in the DD app.

I expected DD to mess up or skip the water, due to it having zero tie points or significant detail. What i didn’t expect was DD to not process the West side of the map because of this.

The data is there… iIve used another mapping service and got results. I just cannot get DD to give me anything.
I’m currently uploading the West side as it’s own set of images to a new map entirely, but i find this a bit silly to be honest.

Has anyone else had similar outcomes where a large area has been separated by something such as still water? My assumption, like i said above, was that DD would just leave a blank space where the water was, but still show me everything else.



I wonder if water has anything to do with it. I had a similar problem regarding this earlier in the week.

The Live Map was missing the eastern 20% of the area which was then mirrored on the processed image. I assumed I had not selected all of the images to be processed but I couldn’t think how that was possible. I know I selected them as the all of the blue dots were present before I uploaded them.

I subsequently uploaded the images again manually and that time the processed map was complete. Deleted the original.


I’m assuming it has to be the water. I’ve never seen DD flat out ignore healthy data before.

It’s strange though… why doesn’t it just ignore the water and carry on processing what it can. What makes it even worse was result 2 which showed the west area, but as a complete mess.

I would highly suggest contacting support at and give them the name of the map so they can look at the particular issues causing the problems and recommend a specific solution.