Landing Accuracy

Today I flew a mission. The point of takeoff was from a fairly open area. Everything was going great until the mission was over and the Inspire tried to land in a tree about 25 meters from the home point. Luckily I engaged atti mode and took over control and was able to land. Has anyone else had an issue with landing accuracy?

Did you use any of the return home buttons to bring it home or did it come back automatically? If you use DJI’s return home the accuracy is pretty bad. We add a waypoint at the end of the mission above where we takeoff so if it completes its mission it should land pretty close to where it took off.

No I did not use the return home button. At the end of the mission it returned to a point on the map that it seemed to think was the home point and proceeded to descend for landing. tomorrow I will run the same mission and report back.

I used to have your issue before but I started opening the pilot app and set a home location then run dronedeploy this way if it starts acting strange I hit the home button and it returns properly

I think so. Landing accuracy must be improved. On my last flight, it tried to 5 meters away from my take off point and went to the trees. I got back the controls and landed it safely. Btw i was under a tree, maybe the device recognized me, not the take off point. Otherwise everything was perfect. Just 3d modeling should be more realistic.

What would you like to see different about the 3d model? If you fly very low it will pick up a lot more details on the model. We are also looking into some changes if that would help if people are primarily interested in a 3d model. You can always export the model and edit it in your preferred 3d editor.

Landjng accuracy is not something we can improve. We rely on the DJI autopilot for this. 5 meters away from your takeoff point isn’t bad. GPS only provides accuracy to a few meters. The phantom 2 will Autoland 10-20 meters away due to its worse GPS and it drifts a lot due to not having the optical sensor that the new one has.

When you do use the return home button does it effect the mission results at all?

As long as you hit all the waypoints it shouldn’t affect the end result…