Laanc - koxr

I’ve submitted authorizations for flights within KOXRs class D via DroneZone. I’m told by FAA that KOXR is now LAANC ready. However, DroneDeploy/Airbus is still stating KOXR is not LAANC ready. How much of a lag should I expect before DroneDeploy implements access to a newly added LAANC facility?

Are you able to use the Airmap app? I just did a test submit and it seemed to go through, but I don’t know your regulations.

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I’m admittedly not too familiar with Airmap so there’s a chance at user error. But still seeing no option for LAANC.

I’m mapping a large part of Hollywood beach in a zero grid adjacent to NDA and SSI restricted airspace. 150 ft max, 6 hours, daylight, DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

I have my 107 and have successfully obtained LAANC auths via DroneDeploy/Airbus in the past. DroneDeploy/Airbus, Airmap, and UASidekick all say no LAANC available.

Here’s what I see at Airmap:

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Oh, now I see. Where is this located? You are in a 0 altitude cell and LAANC solutions will automatically reject the submission. I had the same thing happen when we were about a 1/4-mile south of a runway. You may have to go the more manual route of filing online. Problem is that it may take up to a week for someone to get back to you. Mine have usually been 2 to 3 days, but those were airports that did not accept LAANC, not the zero altitude airspace. Again not sure of your area, but here is where I went. You have to go into your account and file.

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Thanks a lot Michael. That makes sense and where I started. The reviewer of my file pointed me to LAANC in response to my zero-grid auth request. Possibly without reviewing the actual grids I’m targeting and hence thinking Laanc would get the job done.

I’ll take it back to them and seek auth as it doesn’t appear LAANC will be permitted through any app at this point due to the location.

Again, thank you for your insight,