Keeping page open during map processing

I recently had just uploaded a set of images to be processed by the map engine, and then had need (due to parallel tasks) to restart my system. Instead of waiting out the couple hours to have the map engine complete the processing, is it okay to close the browser and return to the dashboard in a couple hours to check on the status of the map?

At the time I’m writing this, I’m waiting the time out before restarting my system, with the original browser window open still. Opening a separate window to the dashboard, I don’t see the job present there (I had made the mission on the fly from the mobile app, and then created the job with the photo upload).

If closing the browser after processing has begun (ie, photo upload is complete) is an option, could there be a page for ‘Jobs in Process’ or something like that?


In hindsight, the ‘processing’ message and progress bar were probably referring to file uploads, not post upload file processing.
I’m glad I left the page open to completion. It would be nice to have an upload precess that could be paused/resumed, though.

I believe if the upload has finished you’ll be ok to turn off your PC.

Yes, you’ll need to keep the page open to upload. But once that is done, you can close it, processing happens on the DroneDeploy servers, so you just need to wait till you get an email saying your map is ready.

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Perhaps simply changing the message from ‘Map Engine Processing’ to ‘Uploading photos to Map Engine’ would clarify that, then.

Thanks for the feedback. I believe in the updated UI coming soon it’s a bit clearer.