"Just one more shot" before going home?

I realize there will be a lot of pushback on this idea, but I wanted to throw it out there to see whether there might be something to fix a problem we’ve probably all had. This happened to me twice today. The drone had 20% battery left and needed to take literally 3 more stills to complete a mapping run. If I were manually flying, I would have stopped the drone from returning to home so the last few seconds of shots (or video) could be taken and then I would have manually started the return to home.

This is doubly annoying when the drone is flying toward home taking the last few shots and it decides it can’t finish without flying to home to get a new battery, then flying back to where it was finishing up, and then flying toward home as it got the last few shots.

Can we think of a way to be able to override the return-to-home without canceling the entire mission so that the last few shots can be taken, even at the risk of returning to home at 19% instead of 20%?

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In my opinion, landing at 20% should be the minimum. Lithium-ion batteries degrade over time and can easily discharge faster than what might be expected. This is asking for people to crash their drones and blame it on the software.

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It’s worst that that - the last 20% goes down much faster than the first 20%.
I once did that and it was a nail biter getting the drone back…

I understand the fear. It’s really annoying though when the drone is heading in the direction of the home point as a normal result of the flight path, it has 2-5 more stills to take, and if it took the last shots, it would actually be closer to home. Big time saver and actually battery saver. But I have no idea how to balance that with the very real concern of getting the drone back.

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