JPEG Exports contain numerous white squares


I just exported two of my maps to JPEG. The resulting image files contained numerous white squares, about 20 in one image, perhaps 100 in the 2nd image.

I don’t think I’ve had this happen before. Any ideas how to solve it?


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I have the same problem! Must be a new issue?
Do you have any answers for us Dronedeploy?

This is often a memory management issue on the computer it is being displayed at.
You might want to recycle power on the computer, make sure all other programs are off and try it again.

Did that work? This is actually not something our software likely has control over. We may set a command to capture every x seconds, but the drone itself does everything from there.

You might also check your SD card - perhaps it’s not fast enough?

Thanks for the suggestion.

I’m using OS X, El Capitan. I just retried with 8GB free memory. I tried viewing with Preview, then with Photoshop. I see the same exact image (with the missing white squares scattered all over) in both apps, so I don’t expect it’s a file read / memory pressure issue. I still have 7+ GB free memory with either program open.

I exported both maps in TIFF format and the images are as expected. Not sure why the color is so different in the TIFF export though.

Hi Mike,

Well, the images that are taken are all fine, so I don’t think it’s the SD card (100Mbps class). One might suspect read problems off the SD card, but if the upload had failed to provide DroneDeploy with good image data, then the stitching and results shown, including the 3D model would be affected. I don’t experience that. Viewing from the web interface shows good data. It’s only when I try to export in JPG format that I have what I think is corrupted image data.

If I export in TIFF format, I get good image data, but the colors seem a bit different than the originals and different than the JPEG download. I’d call the TIFF image bluish and muted compared to the JPEG.

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Oh I see - it’s the export with the problem.

you’ll want to get help from on that one. Sounds like an issue on jpeg export