January 2022 Product Release

Here’s a link to the upcoming January 2022 Product Release. Some of you are going to be very happy!

The Mavic 2 Air is still not working on my end. I am using the most recent app version on IOS and I am under a paid subscription. The error I keep receiving is “This drone is not currently supported”

Please advise!

Can you try contacting support? Just to make sure they don’t need to flip a switch since they are labeling it beta.

I already have contacted support…. I’m unfortunately not getting much support

Hi @Nate_Wessels, Gentry here from DroneDeploy Support team! The Mavic Air 2 is supported for paid users on DroneDeploy app version 4.73. This app version has yet to be approved by the app store for download, however, once approved you will be able to download to your iOS device in order to fly the Mavic Air 2.

I see a few Support tickets under your email address in our system. I will make sure to respond to those emails as well.

Have a great day!

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