Issues with trying to measure certain things

Hi, i’ve just finished processing my first drone deploy map.

My objective is to measure certain points to see the amount of distance between them (for cranes)

for example, i want to measure the 28 meter radius of a Gib, but i can’t find a way to measure a specific number, or how to do it in a radius, the only option is straight lines.

Additionally, is there a way to place distance lines that aren’t effected by elevation. as in it doesn’t go over some scaffolding, it just goes through it as if it didn’t exist.

Any help would be great, thanks

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Radial measurements would be a great addition so I would encourage you to post another thread in feature request category.
For now you can use the distance measurement and draw polygon establish that area if your goal is to make a visible annotation for review the distance measurement tool does report both a 2d horizontal distance and a 3D surface distance.