Issues with camera calibration and NFZ

Hi there

I have two issues with my Mavic 2 Pro and an Android phone:

The drone flies automatically to the starting point of a mission, often fails the camera calibration at the starting point and then starts to fly back automatically. It’s pretty much fifty/fifty if it works or not. This costs a lot of time and batteries. So I interrupt the mission by pressing the pause button, press the screen to calibrate and everything works fine. But I can just not figure out how to resume the mission. Always have to fly back and land to resume the mission. To make things better I can’t figure out how to switch to manual flight. Always have to end Dronedeploy, turn of the RC, turn it on again and go to the DJI app. This just isn’t feasible with clients watching over my shoulder. Can this be fixed?

Another issue is that Dronedeploy doesn’t show NFZ in it’s planning tool. Whenever I’m not careful enough I include some NFZ in my flight. The drone stops and then… nothing. I again have to either call it back with the beeping going on all the time - not feasible - or, again, turn off RC, shut down the app, switch to DJI and fly back manually. I can’t seem to find an option to just fly around NFZ.

Just adapted the flight plan on my laptop, restarted the app on the phone, gave it another try and guess what… for whatever reason it refuses to update the flight plan. Can’t find an option to tell it to update the flight plan either. Seem to have to create the entire mission in a new flight plan to make it work. Are there any options to resolve some of these issues?

Thanks in advance!


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