Issue receiving the confirmation email for account

Hey all
I’m trying to setup my developer account and I’ve not been able to receive the confirmation email.
I’ve logged in using the google account button and when looking at the dashboard, I get the confirm account details popup and each time I press the resend confirmation I get nothing. So far it’s been a few days.

Spam and Bin area empty and no emails have shown up, any idea what I can do here?


Do you have a service that provides a quarantine outside of the email client. We use Barracuda and even though we have whitelisted everything we can of DroneDeploy some things still get stuck. @Farai_Masheke might be able to help.

Hi @Evan_O_Keeffe May you please send a support ticket to You can mention “Attn Farai Forum” for ease of reference with the post link here and I would be more than happy to look into whether the emails are being sent out or if this is something we would need to correct on your end.

Looking forward to your ticket and helping resolve this for you!