Issue Loading Beta

After getting all of the firmware squared away, I had issue’s with Camera Check Failing. That is when it would load. After that it wouldnt proceed past waiting for sufficient GPS satellites from the beginning. I have uninstalled everything a couple of times and it still leaves me hanging at the GPS satellite checkpoint. I spoke with Neema for a while yesterday out in the field. Neema advised that everything looked OK on your end. Any ideas?

The SDK requires we have 7 sats before we can take control, but the lights will flash green at 4 sats.

Regarding the camera check - could you try formatting your SD card from the GO app, and taking a test photo there, checking you can view that photo?

Thanks. The last place I tried was at my home which always has atleast 13 satellites. I switched to Go app and had 14 right afterwards. Not sure this is a GPS location issue. I went back out to the field I was trying to map first and got 18GPS with DJI app.
I can try what you suggest.

Also, I flew at a local festival today and all pics came out great.

I checked the data we are getting back from the drone in our logs. It is saying 0 satellites. This doesn’t mean you had no GPS though. I have this happen to me when testing and I need to restart the RC to get it to fix itself.

Update: The beta is working pretty good after learning the tricks to get it loaded up and working. I had to do as you said, turn off/on rc a couple times. I have to do the same with DJI Go app afterwards also. I like how the UAV banks in turns instead of stopping and turning. Saves time.
Thanks for all of the help so far. Good product.