Issue Alert: Orbit at End of Mission

Hi community,

We’re currently working on refactoring the orbit function to make it more robust for mapping 3D models. We hope to have this feature available in an upcoming update.

Christina and the DroneDeploy team

Hi Christina,

Will it be possible to face out from the centre of the orbit? This would be useful for mapping/modelling quarries etc.

Hi Mark!

Initially, you will not be able to have the camera facing away from the point of interest (center of map). Because the majority of our customers are trying to create 3D models of buildings the camera facing the area of interest is where we will start. Although. this sounds like a very cool idea for an app in our App Marketplace. I would recommend checking out our API for the app market.

I would recommend using DJI Go 4 to carry out a orbit feature with the camera facing outward towards the quarry wall. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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