Isolate FP area from image cropping


Im using DD for first time under trial version. Today im starting with my first real size maps processing.

My first concern is that the surveying/FP area cropps automatically all parts of the images that falls out of it. There is any way that i could enlarge this area during processing so i do not loose the edges of the images?

Best Regards.

Hi @amunoz,

I’m a bit unsure of what you’re referring to when you say “area crops automatically all parts of the images that falls out of it.” Can you provide some sample images that describe this?


Hello Christina. First I wanted to thank your for your quick response.

Sorry for not explaning myself properly. My situation is the following:

The "Scanning " area was very irregular and it required to tune the analysis area in order to obtain a flying path that made sense for the area to cover. The result was that scanning area was sometimes smaller than the map that I really wanted.

At some points perimetral lines (Generated by Anchoring points) where very close to the flying path “Leg”. Since I know that the camera footprint flying at 100m AGL is around 100m i knew that my pictures will contain a larger area than the one hightlighted by the anchoring points.

Comparing the 2d mosaic generated by your app with similar products, i see that your map is smaller since it crops the mosaic so almost everything that falls out of the analisys Area or Flight plan area.

I guess this is done so is easier to warranty a better accuracy of the 3d model in all the mosaic but Even though, is it possible to avoid this automatic mosaic cropping?

I hope i have explained my self better this time.

best regards.

The map will be cropped to the boundaries you set in flight planning.
It is best to fly wider than your desired area in order to have three rows of data to better triangulate information on the edges.