Is this a simple case of motion blur?

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Trying to sort out the correct camera settings to solve this long time issue I’ve been having. Both of the below photos were taking with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro at 300’ AGL. They were both 1/800 s exposure time, ISO 100, and aperture f/4. The only difference is that the 1st shot (the clearer one) was taken before the flight started when the drone wasn’t moving, and the 2nd shot (the blurry one) was taken during the mission, somewhere around 11mph(~18km/h). I had DD set to follow the exposure time in DJI Go 4. I set the camera in DJI Go 4 to shutter priority mode, changed exposure time to 1/800 of a second, and flew.

This issue has happened seemingly with no pattern, at varying altitudes, sunny and cloudy days, whether in shutter priority mode, or with automatic settings in DD and Pix4D.

This chart of suggested altitude, speed, and exposure time makes me think it couldn’t be motion blur because I should be way above the danger zone:

And the photos. I zoomed in on the original photos and took a screenshot but I can post the original photos if requested.

Clear, not moving, before the mission:

Blurry, during the mission (different angle):

I did find another post recommending 1/1000s, or even 1/2000s? What would you all do if you got back and saw this type of blur in your pictures? I have plenty of other examples as well if needed. It looks like the drone drank too much last night and has the spins…

Clear, not moving, before the mission:

And the chart:

I am having a hard time believing the second image was from 300ft with a P4 but I haven’t flown that high. 1/400 should be plenty fast. Regardless though we also have been having issues with P4Pv2 blur. It’s frustrating because it doesn’t seem consistent at all. You can expect some of these things when lighting is harsh (high or low) and large elevation changes but there has definitely been something going on for the last couple of months. I need to revisit our ticket, if we have one… @Andrew_Fraser @Jamespipe We have been able to overcome it in different ways, one being turning on the low light setting. The other is to turn off DroneDeploy control so that the DJI settings pass through. Trying setting a manual focus a little short of infinity and dial it in.

Thanks for your reply Michael! Yes, the second pic is from 300’, but I did zoom in and crop the photos. The original photo uncropped is below. These were flown with the DJI settings passing through but just exposure not focus. I went into DJI and set it to shutter priority mode and set the shutter to 1/800s. I’m thinking I’ll have to set DroneDeploy to use both Exposure and Focus from DJI Go 4.

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I think it looks pretty good. Kind of smoky and could use a little more contrast so maybe that is what is making it look blurry to you.

What was your altitude? Camera is all auto?

As a side note, is that X your GCP and is it on the slope? If so I would put it just off the bottom or the top of the slope.

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