Is there any 8K drone on the market?

I want to buy one with best camera.

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It depends on what you want to capture and how much you want to spend. Sure 8k would be great but none of the current drones that have “8k” (4 x 12MP) are capable of mapping.

Which Drone is the best for capturing VIDEOS as well as Mapping?

NOTE: I’m selling my MA2.

Personally I don’t think there is any one drone that holds all the cards. The Phantom 4 Pro is still the most affordable mapping drone simply because of its camera and the fact that everyone has developed for it. I think the MA2, definitely the M2P is better for video, but there is also the Skydio 2 which takes great video but because of it obstacle awareness AI would allow you to capture some footage that no other drone can simply because you just don’t have to worry about it as much. Even with much larger drone like the Inspires or Matrices they have specific cameras that do video vs images better. If I had to put my money on one drone it would be the Phantom 4 Pro. They are just solid, make incredible maps, good video and have the resources of all the software developers to make it more diverse.


Thank you for your concern. I’m looking forward to buying the P4 Pro V2.
But there’s also a drone called the AUTEL EVO 2 with 48MP stills and 8K Videos. How is that?
Is it good for mapping? ( I’m very impressed with it’s photo and video quality)

Both the Autel Evo II and the Mavic Air 2 have the same Sony sensor which is a Quad Bayer that produces an “48MP” image by stitching 4 x 12MP images. Taking this images is a separate function and would not be supported by mapping software as it is not the default “camera”. Additionally it takes longer to process such an image and they are also known to have very poor low-light quality and noisy shadows. Effectively you would have to fly manually and hover at each image to even have a chance of making a map.

There are other choices, but it you are serious I’d suggest looking at the Astro.

If you look at that price point you might also consider an Inspire 2 or Matrice 210RTK which would be supported by many more flight softwares.

I’ve to sell my kidneys and my other body parts to afford this one.

A little less expensive for an all inclusive kit. Compatible with DroneDeploy and Pix4D Capture.

Personally unless you have some big clients (jobs) lined up I would still consider two Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 over anything like this. All in for about $3500 would get you a great start and a backup. You could even play around with the thought of GNSS gear for GCP’s and would still be less than the Inspire 2 with only two batteries. The Inspire 2 would have the advantage of stability and much better video (cinematic quality) but would not really make any better maps.

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I think Imma wait for the Phantom 5

That would be a good idea except that there probably won’t be a Phantom 5, at least any time in the near future. There haven’t been any leaks or speculation since the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 restarted production. My guess is that they are set on the Phantom 4 line and as long as there are parts they are putting their money on The P4P V2.0, P4RTK and the P4MS as their prosumer commercial drones. Personally I would like to see a Phantom a little larger at 400mm (Phantom 400?) with retractable landing gear, but they have to keep the global shutter.

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