Is there a way?

Is there a way to map a field with a wind turbine in it at low elevation. I want to do the entire field but avoid the turbine below a certain elevation ? Most of them in my area are in the 360’ range to the generator, so with the blade vertical they are over 450’, when in these areas I would like to map in the 125’ range to do stand counts. So is there a way?

One approach I would suggest would be to let the automatic flight planning take care of the areas not directly adjacent to the windmill, at whatever height you are flying, and then fly the areas directly around the windmill manually taking imagery with good overlap. Essentially, plan the automated parts of your flight in a “donut” around the windmill and do the rest by hand.

I would recommend this approach especially at first because as long as you capture the photos you take manually at the same height and with the same settings they should process fine. This will give you a margin for error and also account for the fact that the windmill may not be in the same position every time you fly that field. Most of the big industrial ones do change direction slightly when the wind shifts.

One other idea would be to do an automated orbit around the windmill, but placing that orbit properly might require a bit more finesse than the automatic flight planner can provide.