Is there a way to override allowable airspace?

Hi there,

Is there a way to override the allowable airspace? I live in a small town that has a small unmanned airport (Class G airspace). From my understanding I am allowed to fly within this airspace as long as it is below 400ft and not within the landing / takeoff pattern. Obviously DroneDeply maps are not aware of the details of each airport.



hi @Tony4x4 - you could try registering on DJI GEO . Please see here for more info:


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Thanks @neema - so I just want to confirm that DroneDeploy uses DJI GEO system to allow or disallow flights?

I just tried to test a flight within DroneDeploy and it said I was near a no fly zone, even though I had an authorization from DJI GEO.

Not sure if this problem is related but when I load the DroneDeploy app it would connect to the drone but then a few seconds later disconnect.


Hey @Tony4x4 - sort of:

If you’re allowed in GEO, you may be allowed in DroneDeploy. This is a bit rudimentary at the moment (insert sheepish grin here)- something we are pushing forward with DJI to the extent possible.

Hi @neema,

Do you know if flight missions near closed airspace can now be designed and implemented using DroneDeploy? My team will be mapping vegetation near airstrips at remote communities. We have special permission to do this, but are having trouble finding mission planning apps that will permit us to upload or start missions in closed airspace.