Is there a simple way to import the base map as a map itself?

Is there a simple way to import a section of the google earth base map that matches my flight path as an actual map in a project? I would like to use it in the compare function for a pre-construction type comparison. I know it is possible to turn on and off the opaqueness of a map, but I would prefer full slider functionality when using the Compare feature.

Thanks for any input.

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You can get a georeferenced map out of QGIS from XYZ Tiles or bring in an image, georeference it and save it back out. Then just load it up.

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Okay I was able to use QGIS to export a georeferenced TIFF, and then was able to import that TIFF as a map into Drone Deploy. However, I cannot figure out a way to change the date of the TIFF so that it is the first map (earliest date) in my project. Anyone know how to do that? Thanks!

You should be able to open it in Geosetter and enter at least the creation date and then try again. I would enter all 3 because I don’t know what line item DD is using for the import. Geosetter is just an easy graphical way to use ExifTool. We also use it to batch retag images from PPK.