Is NDVI plant heath Mapping considered Surveying?

Hi all,
I am a little lost here. I am in New York and I have been searching endlessly to find an answer. I know it is state region specific, but is NDVI mapping and stockpile analysis for agriculture considered surveying? I’m just curious as I see others online have run into trouble when they get into doing mapping as a business.
Or any idea where I can get an answer?

You had it at state-by-state in the US. California and North Carolina are hammering drone mappers and in my opinion unduly because of lack of experience. Being in the far extents east/west may have something to do with Surveyors being more proud and protective of their craft but stockpiles and NDVI in no way encroach on their territory and are perfectly legal as long as you don’t market the terms survey and surveying.

Thank you Michael.
I know that they definitely protect their turf, and I understand that. I would think if NDVI and stockpile analysis was restricted it would really impact innovation in the drone industry.
The biggest thing I have seen to stay away from is property lines or anything related to it. If I continue down this path I will certainly stay away from any language involving “surveying”. It is more of analytics in my opinion.

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The bottom line is to not do anything that could be potentially filed as a survey of record. Being in construction I have not seen a Surveyor come check stockpiles in 20 years and NDVI is not even something they can do. We also fly for a couple of Engineers and the data we can provide for general slope analysis and horizontal logistics is certified under them so it shouldn’t be an issue.