Is it possible to setup a mission to map a vertical cliff face?

would it be possible to map vertically up a cliff? assuming you would have to create an altitude waypoint at each picture location- maybe via an alternative app? anyone have any thoughts on this?

seems not, i tried stacking some way points at different altitudes and pointing the gimbal forward and uploading the pics, but cant view them as the map view is always looking down.

Have a look at Litchi for this sort of thing. DD is fantastic at automated flight planning for aerial photogrammetry- set an area to map- set a few variables and fly. Litchi provides a bit more manual control over individual waypoint, POI, gimbal control and video. Just might take a bit of trial and error to get it to do what you want.

thanks i gave it ago with gspro and been able to fly with waypoints on top of each other at different altitudes, and at assigned wp get the camera to take pics facing the same direction, but when i upload them for processing at doesnt show on the returned map- i guess this is because you are looking down on the edge of the pics

I did a 3D DD model of a cliff, may not be on the scale of what you need, but it might be possible by doing a full DD flight and using the “Orbit at end” option or manually taking some images at a 45 degree angle of the cliff.

My result here if you’d like to view the 3D map;

Until DD introduces this option, why not use the Pix4D app, then upload your photo set to DD. They have a “Free Flight” mode where you fly manually and set the camera to take shots at predetermined spacings. May be worth a try.

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Thanks Dave and Mark, the 3D map you did is good but I need photo res like the 2d maps for counting certain plants on it. I thought maybe some one that does vertical building inspections might have a solution, I just can’t see one yet.

I hope you found a solution by now…
If not, DroneDeploy just include Scopito to the App market. Seems to be a good solutions to the type of work you are describing, vertical inspections.

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Thank you for this update Dani.

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