Is it posible to create a side building map

hi i’m trying to make inspection from a side of the building is it posible?

Hi @Eran_Dan,

Could you elaborate a bit more on what you are trying to get out of the inspection? Namely what is the goal of the product; are you looking for an orthographic map, a 3d model, elevation heat map, or are you in general interested in inspecting the sides of structures?

Are you interested in generating a 3d surface map of only the side of the structure (not interested in the top) if so you can utilize a drone to take photos from a lateral position insuring you have enough sidelap and frontlap and still be able to get a reliability accurate 3d model of the face of a building. You do have to be careful not to get too much horizon in the shots, and shadows can play a mean trick in the nooks and crannies of the building, but this is possible.

Scott Lashmit

hi, i work with an alluminum big company for big buildings. they wold like to measurements of the windows in order to make sure the glass will fit the windows …the question is if an artphoto of the side will be acurate inuff for them … if i can put a map of the engeneer on top of it and see if that is any differents .
hope you understand me …sorry for the mispelings

Hey @Eran_Dan

Sorry for the delay life is crazy. So it is my understanding that this is during the construction process to verify the size of the window openings? This is possible but it will take some planning as the openings and the space behind them could provide issues for the algorithm to find the proper tie points. As to the overlay of a engineers or architects schematics, this could be accomplished through any 3rd party photo software, the only real issue is ensuring that the prospective and projections will line up.

In this case practice and multiple flights are going to be your best friends. You will want to test some parameters fly the mission and see how the results come out. then adjust those parameters and re fly until you get the data just right. But other than that this sounds very doable.

Scott Lashmit