Is Auto Take Off Necessary?

I had a incident today when trying to run a mission. Everything was connected and calibrated in the DJI Go app and all systems go within the DD app. Upon auto take off, a gust of wind caught the P4P and knocked it onto its side. My question is this…do I have to use the auto take off, or can I manually take off using the controller and then start my mission with the drone hovering?

Yes, you can start the mission in the air. do it before connecting anything, but make sure to open the drone deploy app before you connect the USB cable.

As @MichaelL says, you can manually take off without issue. But you don’t need to have DD open if you don’t want to. Since I manually focus as a normal workflow, I take off (manually) and ascend to mission altitude using GO, pull focus and then close GO, Start DD and upload and start the mission. Works perfect.

However, if you have everything on auto anyway, might as well just use DD from the start and save time. But starting the whole process in the air is not a problem at all.

I have one particular site I fly that I use 2 short DD missions because the needed track is an L shape and it just isn’t efficient with 1 mission. I start in GO, switch to DD, fly one mission, exit out of DD and restart DD, load the second mission and fly it; All while in the air.

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If I close the GO app while the P4P is in the air…will that not cause some sort of a problem?

Re-read my post right before yours.:wink:

No it won’t.
Your drone will sit there like an obedient dog waiting for you to control it or load another app.
But there’s no need to do that anyway.
You could just use the auto launch and give it an additional kick by pushing the left stick forward as it lifts off.

I always pitch my launch pad into the wind. You shouldn’t be able to affect the throttle with auto-launch.